Who is Sister Bloom?

The name Sister Bloom was born from a family nickname. I, Brianne, am the youngest of four kids. I have three older brothers and they always called me ‘Mrs. Bloom’ growing up.

It felt only right to pay homage to my roots when creating this brand.

& so she bloomed..

Our Mission

Sister Bloom is elevating everyday pieces and optimizing your most basic essentials. You’ll find joggers that make your butt look perfect no matter how many times you’ve worn them. A long sleeve tee with seams that flatter your entire torso. Baby flares you will wear so often that you order a spare for when the OG’s are in the wash. A pullover that you all the sudden need in every color.

You’ll find that we took time to make these pieces exactly as they should be. They won’t pinch, they won’t bunch, the fabric feels like heaven.

The Bee

You may have noticed our small token of a bee & our references to honey.

Growing up, my mom’s parents did not live near us. When they would come to visit, we’d always visit a local farm together. My grandmother, Donna Rose, always took me to see the bees growing their honey and talked me through the process of how the bee protects the queen.

It’s a yearly core memory I have with her.